Gold Valet (Mini)

From £35 – depending on the make and model of your car.

A Gold Valet is perfect for keeping on top of your car, ideally after a previous Platinum or Diamond Valet!


– Remove Rubbish

– Vacuum Carpets, Seats & Boot

– Interior Dash & Trim Cleaned

– Citrus Prewash Applied & Rinsed

– Body Hand Washed & Wheels Cleaned

– Full Car Rinsed With Pressure Washer

– Car Dried With Microfibre Towel

– Windows Cleaned In & Out

– Tyres Dressed

What I Do:

When I perform a Gold Valet, I will start inside the car by removing all rubbish and bagging up your personal belongings and placing them in the boot for safe keeping.

I will then vacuum your carpets and seats thoroughly, before I clean the dash and interior trim.

Moving to the outside; I will coat the entire car in a Citrus Wash pre-wash solution and let it dwell (this helps to soften all the dirt & grime), I will then blast this off with a pressure washer.

Wheels, whilst the pre-wash is dwelling, I will coat all four wheels in a PH-Neutral cleaning solution and agitate with specialist brushes before blasting the wheels clean with the pressure washer.

I will then wash the full exterior of the car with a lovely high sud shampoo to give the paintwork the care it deserves, using a two bucket method.

I will then dry the full car, including wheels, door & boot shuts using microfiber drying towels before cleaning the interior and exterior glass areas (including mirrors) with a top of the range glass cleaner.

Finally, I will coat the tyre side walls with a high shine dressing to give the wheels the new car look!

I estimate this service will take around 60-90minutes depending on the initial condition of the vehicle.