How do I book?

I accept booking by a few methods, WhatsAPP (07544467363), website click here or Facebook. You will always speak to myself – Jonathan.

How can I pay?

I accept multiple payment methods, cash, bank transfer or I can take a card payment.

How much notice do you require for a booking?

As much notice as possible, I do prefer a minimum 24 hours notice, in order to be able to get you a booking slot suitable for yourself, we may be able to offer the rare same day booking if there is space or a late cancellation.

Are you fully mobile?

Yes, I am fully mobile with everything on board including water and electric – I do ask if you could supply electric though to keep noise to a minimum.

Can I bring the car to you?

Yes, you can drop the car off with me and pick it up at a later time if this is best for yourself – or if you are booking in some paint correction it is best to have it dropped off.

Do you remove pet hair?

Yes, I have a selection of tools and methods to remove pet hair – although an extra charge may be added to the booking for excessive removal.

Why do you charge to remove pet hair?

I charge extra for excessive pet hair removal simply to cover the time it takes me to remove the pet hair. I don’t always charge if there is not a lot of pet hair present.

What does you valet packages include?

Please visit HERE to see and compare all my packages or Contact Me to have a package suited to your needs.

How long does a valet take?

It all depends on the job in hand, but I quote on average 1.5 hours for a Gold, 2 hours for a Platinum and 4 hours for a Diamond.

After you’ve washed seats, will they still be wet?

Yes, they will remain slightly damp. I always advise to try an leave windows open if weather allows to help drying. Unlike other companies, I do not believe in putting seat covers over freshly washed seats as this can cause a foisty odour to occur.

Can you remove lingering odours such as smoke, wet dog, milk or vomit?

No, at the moment I do not currently have the required machine, but this will be a piece of equipment I will be acquiring very soon. In the mean time I can contact another local valeter who is a friend to assist with this.

Do you work in the rain?

I will always leave this decision down to the customer, I am happy to go ahead if you are – as long as the weather is not ridiculously bad.

Do you offer engine & engine bay cleaning?

I can de-grease engine bay shuts and plastics and apply a plastic treatment to make them shine at a small charge.

What happens if I need to cancel or rearrange my booking?

If you need to cancel or rearrange your booking please try and give me as much notice as possible. Multiple late cancellations or no shows may result in me having to unfortunately charge for the work I have missed.